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Havana Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is an Inter - City Cultural Communications web site program between the cities of  Havana, Cuba, and Ithaca, New York. Both the citizens and the diaspora of this city are encouraged to make suggestions and add content to its ongoing development; this ,as it hoped, will assist later on both national unity and national reconciliation.
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Havana is a place of contrasts and fusions: a cosmopolitan capital with a swinging nightlife, it offers at the same time snapshots of half a century ago themselves scattered in architectures and monuments of half a millennium ago. Cuba is the caring recipient of a huge cultural and architectural heritage, is rich of the natural patrimony which results from the wedding of the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean, and may be is more famous for the difficult political context which has tried a courageous and proud nation for decades. The coat of arms of Cuba features a key as the symbol of the Island's ever lasting key geographical position to the Gulf of Mexico, which made it a central issue in the political affairs of the planet on many occasions since the Portuguese and Spaniards launched the exploration and conquest of the new world.  [] source []


The city where The Mambo is king!

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The intermingling of European and African people and cultures as well as many trying periods in its history have made Cuba a unique, peculiar and innovative place, be it for music, art, politics and even religion (with traditional African deities having been superimposed on Catholic saints to create a new religion, santerķa or Cuban voodoo).

Cuba is a universe of its own entitled to a full dedication. In the spare time of the conference, some mythic and easily accessible Cuban specialities or places to visit can easily provide a taste of this atmosphere the like of which is otherwise nowhere else to be found. [] source []

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