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Rio de Janeiro Fashions in the News

How Quente - Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week Sizzling Styles of Spring/Summer 2007

On June 10th and 11th, Brazil’s freshest design talent spiced up the runways at

 The Fifth Edition of Rio Moda Hype (referred to as RMH by in-the-know Brazilians). Sizzling collections for spring and summer 2007 were presented in a sun-dappled procession of events called Lounge Beach. Fashion shows were held at the Marina da Gloria in Rio de Janeiro, where twelve fresh-as-summer-fruit designers presented fifteen looks in the 600-seat Salao Copacabana.

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Brazil : Fashion Rio begins in Rio de Janeiro
January 16, 2007

The Official Week for Brazilian Fashion in Rio de Janeiro – Fashion Rio – is being held at Marina da Glória for the second time. It began this Sunday, the 14th, and will continue through Friday, the 19th, after 32 fashion shows, three of which are collections by new talents.

This edition’s theme is “cultural miscegenation”, a way to value Brazilian arts and crafts, but most especially, to add value and identity to Brazilian apparel against global competition.

“About 8 million artisans work for the textile industry today, but there is still much to organize with this work and a fair price must still be obtained,” declared Elysa Simão from Dupla Assessoria, creator and event organizer.

Health is in vogue this edition. Author of the book “The Intolerable Weight of Ugliness”, psychologist Joana de Vilhena Novaes, will lecture about eating disorders such as anorexia, and FIRJAN will work on the theme “Fashion Pulses”, focusing throughout the entire event on cardiovascular diseases that affect women, already representing 10 times more deaths in women than AIDS and Cancer.

Fernando Pimentel, ABIT director-superintendent
More than 150 national and 30 international buyers are expected at the ninth edition of Fashion Business by the fair's 80 exhibiters who expect to sell from 10 to 15% more than the R$ 304 million sold last autumn/winter edition in January 2006.

ABIT, through the Texbrasil Program, and in partnership with Apex-Brasil, brought the international buyers and journalists, a record number never seen in previous editions (30 buyers and more than 50 journalists, with 20 vehicles coming spontaneously).
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